This the homepage of the SA Old School Adventure Club.

Here is how we do this thing:

1. Every week on Saturday at 3PM EST, we meet to play a tabletop game
2. We’re all chill and laid back: someone proposes to run a dungeon and the others play through it.
3. We split off if too many people show
4. Do this for about 3 hours before heading off.

See? It’s a laid back, LGS-style, come-in-come-out game deal. It’s for that laid back experience when you just want to play and not have to worry about things.

See, attendance isn’t mandatory nor do you have to be here at the start of 3 hours or the whole three hours. Come and go as you please, ya know?

This is a non-committal, relaxed experience, you dig?

We do have two rules:

1. Don’t be a dick
2. Don’t be a creep

SA Old School Adventure Club